Unforgettable day


Unforgettable day

Today is the eve of New Year's Day. Our colleagues are paying great attention to this New Year's Day, so we have to be special after get off work. After work in the morning, the colleagues walked together in groups to talk and laugh. At noon, my colleagues came to the company right after having lunch. As soon as I entered the office, I saw the four characters "Happy New Year's Day" sitting in the middle of the blackboard.

The tables in the company are all U-shaped, and there are many delicious foods on them that make me salivate. They also put all kinds of snow sprays, spinners and other monster products. When we were talking and laughing, suddenly there was a group "Little white rabbits" ran to our company and yelled, so that the whole company was quiet. They all looked at these bold "white rabbits" with puzzled eyes. This very high-status figure-Wu Yanwen came in from the door and said: "Today friends from other companies want to spend this unforgettable New Year's Day with us, please welcome them with warm applause. "

Then a burst of thunderous applause came into my ears. After the applause, the team leader asked each of us to bring a friend to our seat to play with them.

Time flew by like a white horse, and soon the class bell rang. The host quickly walked to the podium and said: "Time is like the wind, and it slips away from you inadvertently. Ah! Time flies so fast and in a blink of an eye we left school and set foot on social life. Okay, don’t you say good things? Let’s talk more, let’s ask our company’s “Yuedong Wizard” to bring us all of the "Card" Wu Yanwen took a gentle step to the center of the podium and brewed there for a while, when she started singing, then The sound is as beautiful and dazzling as a pearl submerged in the deep sea. The singing is as crisp and beautiful as the cry of a hundred birds.

When she sang, she seemed to be singing her own story. Her singing made my mind and body intoxicated. After a while, Wu Yanwen's wonderful performance ended. what! Listening to this song, all the troubles and sorrows in my mind have been thrown out of the sky. Listening to this song I seem to have gained countless spiritual food. It is really tiresome to listen to it! The meaning is still unfinished...Finally, the boys of our company received warm applause from the girls with "Lucky Symbol" by tfboys.

Although this is only a short period of two hours, it is enough to give us endless aftertaste. In these short two hours, I gained a deeper friendship.
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