The manufacturing process of the promotional hats(2)


Workmanship of promotional hat
In everyone's eyes, we all think that the quality of promotional hat is not high, which is a misunderstanding. General promotional hat reflect the image of the company. Even if you send them free, users should feel they want to wear them and wear them often. Therefore, we should keep up with the quality. Everyone has higher and higher requirements for quality. If we only pursue the advantage of price, it will only reduce the grade of advertising hats and the products you want to sell. Another note is size. The advertising caps produced by each factory have their own sizes. The size of a man's hat is the number of centimeters around his finger, so it is very convenient to buy. But considering that some hats shrink after washing, they should be slightly larger when buying.

Generally, the promotional hat size of adult men is 55-56, the child hat is 50-55 and the baby hat is 42-46. There are only 1-3 kinds of adult women's hat, sun hat and sports hat. Knitted hats are flexible regardless of size. Some are calculated in grams.
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