The manufacture process of the promotional hats(1)


Fabric selection requirements(promotional hat)
According to specific requirements, it can be roughly divided into cotton, polyester, t \ C, CVC, nylon, leather, velvet, grass, PVC, non-woven fabric and paper. However, the commonly used fabrics are mainly cloth. When the quantity is large and the price is required, PVC, non-woven fabric and paper hat are mostly used.

Printing and embroidery(promotional hat)
Generally, the printing pattern needs to be set after the cloth is selected.
Cloth advertising caps can generally choose embroidery process. The advantage of embroidery is that it feels relatively high-grade and is not easy to fall off, but it can only be made in a small area.
Using PVC and non-woven fabrics to make advertising hats and paper hats, we choose printing more, especially paper hats. Generally, advertising hats are activities to achieve the effect of outdoor group publicity. Therefore, you can need large advertising area and bright colors.
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