Company league building activity planning scheme


Company league building activity planning scheme

I. Activity objectives

This activity is our new employees into the company since the first collective entertainment activities organized, hope that through this event, to promote understanding between departments of new workers, we enhance the spirit of teamwork, the entertainment at the same time also can cultivate various aspects ability, such as the ability of organization, performance ability and other aspects of quality, inspire creativity. This activity takes singing as the main line, intersperses some competitive games in the middle, and carries on certain material reward to the winner of the game.

2. Specific practices

As the event promoter, predict the effect of the event, prepare the draft of the event plan, and send it to the general manager office for approval; Make a list of those who are willing to attend the activity. After approval by the general Manager office, make preparations for the activity.

(1) Purchase of game props and prizes;
(2) Buy food for the activity;
(3) Call ahead to book a large private room for A-Miss;
(4) Contact with the general affairs of the company to arrange dinner and car for the event staff.

On December 17

At 17:00, call the activity staff to the restaurant for dinner;
Leave the company at 17:30 on time, and start activities after arriving at the destination.
22:00 After the activity, arrange to send the personnel back.

Third, the game content

Fools move mountains

Game props: table tennis (20 pieces), thick straw (4 pieces), basin (2 pieces, folded with A4 paper)

Rules of the game: breathe in through the straw in your mouth and move 10 table tennis balls from bowl A to bowl B. The distance between bowl A and bowl B is 4 meters. The team that moves 10 balls first wins.

Number of participants: 2, arranged in 2 groups.

The word "love" is bigger than hard work

Rules of the game: participants will be divided into two groups for a song contest, each singing a sentence, the song must have the word "love", adhere to the last party to win (Cha-gua-zi).

A pair of devil's shoes

Game props: rubber shoes (1 pair), a long, slippery, live small animal (secret)

Rules of the game:

Two performers: by the way of "natural appearance", two people each put on a rubber shoe, one of the shoes has a small animal, two people put on the shoes around the field, and can not speak, to act as if nothing has happened.

The rest of the personnel: in the above two personnel walk, pay attention to observe and look, and make a choice: "whose shoes have east east?" And reward the right one (lollipop). If more than half of the people are awarded, the performer is punished to sing a song.

4. Hold the balloon

Game props: Balloons (4)

Rules of the game: the participants of the activity are divided into two groups and arranged in two teams, each with his hands behind his back, from the first person with his head and body to hold the balloon to the next person, one by one, the first group to pass the balloon will win. (Chewing gum)

Iv. Budget of activity funds

1. Activity venue: A-MISSKTV package (independent toilet)

54 yuan/hour before 20:00

144 yuan/hour after 20:00 is expected to be less than 400 yuan.

2. Activity props and prizes: Prizes are limited to 3 yuan per item.
3. Active food:

Drinks, melon seeds, fruits, etc., are expected to cost 100 yuan.

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