SmallOrders Culture and Entertainment Life


SmallOrders Culture and Entertainment Life

1. The purpose of the activity:

In order to enrich the cultural and entertainment life of the broad masses, and ease the tension of the employees at work. Satisfy the employees' growing spiritual and cultural life needs, advocate healthy cultural life habits, cultivate everyone's hobby for cultural and sports activities, establish correct labor values, and establish a harmonious labor and working environment.

2. Organization:

Leader of the Leading Group: Jane

Deputy Team Leader: Lei

Members: Jian, Lei, Chen, Nie, etc. (office members and union group leader)

(1) The first item of the activity: the chairman of the trade union will give a speech at the celebration

(2) Item 2: Fun activities, competition content and rules

All group projects are selected by representatives from each department to participate in the department. (Each activity: three people from the business department to participate, one from other departments to participate, and a team from the storage department and the office to participate)

Except for fire extinguisher drills in the reservoir area, other activities are carried out in the "Hundred Gardens".

1.Badminton-Lan Yi is in charge

(1) Singles: The players of each participating unit are divided into the upper and lower halves to be eliminated by drawing lots, and the top three will be rewarded. (11 points, one game, three games and two wins)

2. The landlord-Li Shuyuan is in charge

(1) Each participating unit reports two contestants and divides them into two groups. The upper and lower halves are divided into groups and eliminated by drawing lots. The top three will be rewarded.

3. Fire extinguisher exercise sprint-Yang Jun is in charge

(1) Bring a fire extinguisher and run a 50-meter sprint on-site fire fighting: all the staff of the company participated in the on-site drill, representatives from various departments were selected to participate, and the district food bureau safety manager explained fire-fighting knowledge, the use of fire extinguishers, and on-site fire-fighting drills (invite representatives of tenants to participate) , The purpose is to learn to use a fire extinguisher)

4. Touching "Fu"-Yang Heping is in charge

(1) All contestants can participate, and rewards will be given based on the "fortune" touched.

5. Tug-of-war-Luo Zhengdong is in charge

All team members of each participating unit participate in the competition, and the competition will be eliminated by drawing lots, and the top two or three will be awarded as a group.

5.The third item of the activity: After the above activities, you will have a free time in the "Hundred Gardens" and have a meal in the "Hundred Gardens" at 6:00.

All of the above activities focus on participation. Participate in cultivating sentiment, enhancing intelligence and strengthening the body, and live a healthy, happy and harmonious activity. So that all employees are lively

In the activity environment, the soul is improved, and the body and mind are happy and comfortable.

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