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    Gifts are also called gifts. It is usually a gift between people. Gift companies have also developed.

smallorders company gift company profile

    Hong Kong SmallOrders Gift Trading Co., Ltd. branch was established in Hong Kong. Kodo Technology Gifts Co., Ltd. is a professional gift company integrating gift design, development and production, and one of the leading companies in the gift industry. Focus on the gift production and sales industry. Take quality as the foundation of survival, take honest management as the core, and win customer recognition with strong strength. Continue to provide customers with more affordable, trendy, distinctive and practical gifts.

    Company development: Established for more than 10 years, successively invested in 6 holding gift factories, 2 stainless steel factories, and 2 glass products factories. And continuously expand the scale of business and the range of products involved, and successively opened more than 20 store exhibition halls, all of which have a total area of more than tens of thousands of square meters, and have an excellent team of more than 300 employees. A professional gift production and wholesale group buying and distribution system has truly been established.

    Product advantages: With more than ten years of experience in gift management and production, in the course of so many years of development, continuous investment in design and development of new products, and now tens of thousands of products are produced and operated, which have become a large-scale and complete variety of gifts in China One of the company. Our business and sales are mainly based on the products of the factories we invest in and holding, plus more than 20 stores and a large-scale sales system for a huge customer base, which decisively have a low-cost competitive advantage. Products have also passed testing and certification.

    Products: Main production and sales: various promotional gifts, team gifts, and cooperation gifts.

    Customer groups: Smallorders has served more than tens of thousands of customers, and there are more than 1,000 long-term and stable customers. The regional customers served are national end customers. Through various domestic and foreign trading companies, the products are exported to Europe, the United States, Russia, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and many other countries.

    Service plan:

1. Provide you with free gift planning, sample delivery and communication services for you, and provide you with gift plans One-stop high-quality service of planning, design, production and packaging.

2. Solemn promise to provide high-quality and perfect after-sales service for all products sold.

3. Always insist on quality first, affordable price, and 100% customer satisfaction with service.

4. Conventional gift ceramics are basically available in stock, usually within 5-7 days, and customized gifts can also be shipped in about 10 days.

5. Leanju sincerely recruits distributors across the country, we can provide your customers with gift planning solutions in the first time.

    Promote your company's order turnover rate with the most professional level and efficiency, create advantages for your company with the most affordable first-hand wholesale price, and achieve long-term profitability with a wide range of products.

    Smallorders welcomes distributors from all over the world, major enterprises, institutions, people, and calls to negotiate and purchase. We believe that we will establish a long-term friendly cooperative relationship. For detailed products, please visit our website, you can directly consult our customer service online, or call our company for free catalogs or visit our company to visit and select samples. Rich gifts to choose from.


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