SmallOrders company activity introduction


1. Activity background and purpose

Shenzhen KEDK company has always paid attention to the construction of corporate culture, advocates the culture of the family, pays attention to the construction of corporate culture, and cares about the daily life of employees. In order to enrich the spare-time life of the company’s employees and enable them to work and live more easily and happily, the company decided to organize all employees to the Shenzhen Forest Park for activities to promote communication between employees, increase the cohesion of the company, and promote the company to better develop.

2. Activity theme: Happy KEDK trip, happy big family

3. Organizer: Shenzhen KEDK Co., Ltd.

4. Activity time: October 22 and 23, 2021

5. Target: All employees of Shenzhen KEDK Co., Ltd.

6. Preliminary preparation for the event

1. The Personnel Administration Department counts the number of people participating in the outing in each department in advance, and makes relevant arrangements and rest assignments;
2. The planning department is responsible for the production of banners and the preparation of cameras;
3. The event preparation team is responsible for contacting the traveling vehicles in advance;
4. The purchasing department will assist in purchasing travel-related items;
5. The Personnel Administration Department dispatches relevant personnel in advance to do a good job of stepping down.

7.activity process

1. Concentrate at the company gate at 8:00 and start by car;
2. Arrive at the destination at 8:30, organize the staff to climb the mountain and arrive at the barbecue site;
3. From 8:30-9:00, prepare barbecue activities according to the grouping situation;
4. From 9:00 to 13:00, organize each group to have a barbecue
5. 13: 00-14: 30 free time, each group leader organizes members to play and take pictures.
6. Assemble at 15:00 and return to the company by car

8. Matters needing attention

1. Pay attention to safety during the activity and remind employees to pay attention to safety during the activity before departure;
2. Prepare simple medical supplies to prevent injuries;
3. Pay attention to counting the number of people before departure and when returning, to avoid leaving employees;
4. Clothing and shoes should be suitable for outdoor sports. The temperature is low in the morning and evening, please bring coats for every employee;
5. Obey the command during the activity, do not act alone, contact the team leader or person in charge if you encounter problems, please do not make decisions without authorization;
6. Pay attention to environmental sanitation and don't litter the garbage.
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