Company afternoon tea


Company afternoon tea

Afternoon tea notice

The sun is warm and the time is quiet. 2021 is nearing the end.
I have always wanted to ask: What has accompanied you through those hungry afternoons over the past year, what has stopped your wanton and constant drool when you can’t see it, and what is it?
What soothed your restless little tongue.

I interviewed several small partners of the company with a curious mind, and the answer is:

"Afternoon tea, afternoon tea, and of course afternoon tea."

With the enthusiasm of the melon friends, I arranged an afternoon tea for all melon friends, suitable for lazy, delicate but yet
Tsundere, come and take a look! !

1. Afternoon tea time:

16:30-17:30, November 29, 2021

2. Afternoon tea location:

No. 6 meeting room on the 4th floor of the building

3. Participating groups:

All friends of technology companies

4. matters needing attention:

1. This afternoon tea is sponsored by Shenzhen Jiuyi Technology Co., Ltd. and Jiuyi Car Platform. (Nine-one love car is mutual
Networked learning car platform, May 2017-December 2018, entered Shenzhen well-known enterprises to promote group learning vehicles);
2. Only one afternoon tea platform is provided at the company level. If there is registration for learning cars on the spot, business transactions and payments are involved, please make a comprehensive assessment before making a decision.

Human Resources Department 

11 / 29, 2021

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