Team competition


一. Organizational personnel division
Commander: General Manager

Trainer: Deputy General Manager

Referee: Administrative Manager

二. Team competition
1. Icebreaking activities
Time: 20 minutes

The purpose of the activity: to break down barriers and establish a team atmosphere of mutual understanding and trust. Communication with each other is the basis for establishing this confidence. Once the trust is fully established, you will feel that the working atmosphere of the team is so relaxed and pleasant.


1. Divide all the members into three groups, make each group of members form a centripetal circle with a diameter of 2 to 2.5 meters, and choose one member to stand in the center.

2. Everyone stretches out their hands, while the central team members put their hands on their chests and make the following communication dialogues. Center member: "My name is?? (own name), I am ready, are you ready?" All team members replied: "Ready." Trainer "I fell?" All team members "fallen Bar!"

3. At this time, the whole body falls completely into the hands of the team members. At this time, the team members push the central player twice clockwise.

4. It is recommended that every member of the group give it a try.

5. It is required that the person in the center of the circle should keep his body upright when falling down, and do not open his hands to avoid hurting others.

三. Graduation Wall
Time: 20 minutes

Activity content: 

Divide all personnel into three to four groups. Within the specified time, everyone in each group only relied on mutual cooperation to climb from the ground up to the top of the wall 3.8 meters above the ground. If one person does not climb or exceeds the specified time, then all of them will not be able to graduate, that is to say, if one person fails to climb, all will fail. If each group completes the task within the specified time, the team with the shortest utilization time is selected as the winning group. The purpose of the activity: The main purpose is to inspire and strengthen the tenacious fighting spirit and the belief of mutual help to win and unity to win.

3. Cross the soft bridge
Time: 60 minutes

Activity content: A piece of soft ladder is hung on both ends of the col. The team members must use the rope ladder to walk from one end of the col to the other end of the col. Divide into three to four groups, each group through teamwork so that all members of the group can pass the soft bridge in the shortest time.

The purpose of the activity: to break the physiological reaction of the psychological comfort zone, to withdraw from the crisis, to break through the self psychological comfort zone-jumping success, the role of team motivation can also help employees break through the psychological comfort zone.

4. Untie the bracelet
Form: a group of 10 people

Time: 20 minutes


1. Let each group of members stand in a centripetal circle.

2. First raise your right hand and hold the hand of the opposite person; then raise your left hand and hold the hand of the other person; now the team members are facing a complicated problem. Without letting go, Find a way to unravel this chaotic network

3. Tell everyone that it can be solved, but there will be two answers. One is a large circle, and the other is two loops.

4. If you can't untie it during the process, you can allow the team members to decide to disconnect the two adjacent hands once, but they must be closed immediately when proceeding again.

The purpose of the activity: let the team members experience the steps in solving team problems, listen to the importance of communication, and the spirit of teamwork.

四. Team picnic
The team competition is expected to end at 17:00, and then a barbecue party will be held in the Fengqing Garden.

五. Protect the environment and love life
Protecting the environment is the most far-reaching and long-term issue of mankind. In recent years, countries all over the world have suffered from various degrees of natural disasters. If humans want to conquer the terrible nature, they must respect nature. It is recommended to use the opportunity of this outdoor activity to start from ourselves, to clean up all kinds of garbage generated during the activity in time, protect the environment, treat the homes well, and jointly create a beautiful living environment.
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