Analysis of the development status and prospects of the gift customization industry in 2021


Gifts are indispensable to our lives, and they are also a medium for expressing and maintaining feelings between people. Since ancient times, our country has been a country of etiquette, focusing on human affection. Gifts are needed to honor parents, birthdays of friends, thank mentors, classmates, etc. The products on the market are diverse, but they all look the same. Customized gifts can meet the individual needs of customers, and give unique gifts to express the true feelings of the heart. Holiday gift-giving has now become a fashion, and it has also fostered some corruption. Excessive public gift-giving has led to some abnormal development of the gift industry. However, as the country's anti-corruption efforts increase, the gift industry is on the right track, further stimulating the development of the business gift market. At the same time, it also provides an opportunity for merchants such as Junding Culture that are positioned in the customization of mid-to-high-end gifts.

With the progress of the times, people's requirements for living standards are getting higher and higher, and a tasteful and quality life is people's pursuit. After the 80s and 90s, they became the mainstream of the society. They have the personality to pursue fashion and trend. Therefore, private customization has taken advantage of the trend and has gradually become a trend. Customization will also become a big cake in the market, and the market space is huge. In 2016, the annual gift demand of individuals in my country was about 505.5 billion yuan, and the annual gift demand of groups was about 262.9 billion yuan, of which demand for business and welfare gifts accounted for more than 190 billion. The total annual demand of the domestic gift market is about 768.4 billion yuan, and the overall market is close to 800 billion yuan. There are 1,200 gift companies in Shanghai.

At present, there are many products customized in this industry, involving different areas of life. Take Hunan as an example. It is a large gift producing province and there is a huge demand for gifts. Among them, wine, tea, ceramics, and Hunan embroidery are unique products of Hunan. Regarding customized products, this area has gradually gained consumers' attention. The development of the custom gift industry in my country is in its infancy. Some companies have this kind of awareness, and it is also reflected on some websites, but they do not pay enough attention to this aspect, and the price is relatively high, and they do not have their own unique advantages. Focusing on the concept of personalized customization, through professional personalized services to enhance the connotation and creativity of gifts, this will be the core of the customized gift industry and also a development direction.
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